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This blog is a little piece of cyberspace dedicated to the deconstruction of norms, the annihilation of collective consensus and the deflation of dogmas.


I have been on this planet for more than 20 years and I must say, I am thoroughly disappointed with what the human species has done to itself. ‘Life’ on this planet has evolved immensely since some 3 billion years ago; moving from single cell organisms to complex intelligent beings capable of contemplating infinity and even contemplating itself contemplating infinity.


The ‘Human Experience’ is quite simply the apex of consciousness on this planet. We are able to paint pictures, compose music, recite poems, stage a play and dance freely – effectively transferring our thoughts and emotions to others – an ability which still eludes many species on this planet.


Yet as time progressed, Man in his selfishness and arrogance began to want to control and own everything. EVERYTHING! The list is long – animals, trees, forests, rivers, lakes, hills, mountains, oil, gas, tin, copper, gold, silver, rubber, land, water and space. When all else had been taken, Man started enslaving himself!


Man’s goal today is to amass a little bit more profit than the previous year, so he can invest that profit this year and continue to earn a little bit more profit the next year. In the process of doing so, he sparks the despoiling of seas, the ravaging of the earth and the defilement of the skies – poisoning himself effectively!


When Man is at a loss, Man conjures up ‘God’; a fictional entity in the sky to appease and pacify in the hopes that all shall be fine tomorrow. Man inevitably began using ‘God’ to appease and pacify himself; eventually making ‘God’ an authority for Man’s own sick fetishes.


The Earth spins along year after year as Man goes on plundering it and pushing himself a little further down the spiral. So much of Nature’s gifts wasted on temporary, unenlightening and meaningless deeds. But I do not worry, for I know, that the next earthquake, flood or hurricane is around the corner to put Man back into his place. If not for the weather, then one can certainly hope for the next strain of viruses, bacteria or microbes. And if those aren’t good enough, there are always bombs, guns and terrorism!


It is wise to always remember that nothing is permanent and everything is related.


I have also always believed that Man has no right to have his feelings protected, having said that, I set out to dedicate this piece of cyberspace to the paradoxes of Man; the good, the bad and the ugly – The moments we love and the moments we fear.







The Dude



P/S: Oh and thanks for reading! I can be reached at cafevagina [at] gmail [dot] com.


PP/S: And for those of you who may have a problem with the word ‘Vagina’ – let me remind you: that’s where your Life began!