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Only You!

Your conscious subjective experience of the world around you; what you hear, see, touch, smell and taste is the only real and true experience. All other beings i.e. humans, animals and plant life are illusions manufactured by your mind; to give itself a story to live in.

Have you ever considered such a proposition?

That maybe you are alone in this sphere of existence and that everything around you is merely a virtual reality; a metaphysical movie production in which you are the lead character and your mind is the director.

All are creations of your mind including your closest loved ones, your enemies and me.

Your country, your continent, your planet, your universe and the existence of it are all your mind’s imagination. Life is but a dream and you are the dreamer.

That would of course mean, my existence is unreal. I am a figment of your mind. I do not really exist except in your world i.e. your mind’s reality.

The only thing that really exists is you; your mind. Time and Space is ultimately a creation of your mind. Your mind is creating these present visions of reality for you.

Your feelings, emotions, temptations and desires are solely yours and no one else around you can ever understand who you are, how you perceive the world or how you feel. The only thing real is you. Others do not matter for they truly do not really exist.

All the above can never be qualitatively communicated to anyone else e.g. you can never explain to anyone else how the colour ‘Red’ looks like. They remain in your mind. Only you experience them. This is your story and no one else’s. This is your journey.

You are therefore reading this not because I wrote it but because your mind meant for me to write it, so that you could read it.


Life is Meaningless

You know one group of cocks that are completely full of shit – these weak and soft people who think that everything happens for a reason.

This is their usual pathetic story:

A dipshit usually has something unfavourable happen to him and in order to save himself from the embarrassment, humiliation and blame arising from the event and lacking anyone else to accuse, looks up to the sky and says:

“There has to be a reason for this, everything happens for a reason.”


Nothing ever happens for a reason besides you deciding to fuck it up or it is simply an inevitable consequence of your own stupidity or the stupidity of others.

Nothing ever happens because of some pre-meditated ‘Reason’.

If there is some ‘Force’ that knows the past, present and future and is secretly controlling events and fucking things up on this planet for some Reason, then we need to find this fucking ‘Force’ and destroy it ASAP because it’s making life difficult for the 6 million children who die in Africa annually and the few thousand women who have their clitoris mutilated in Somalia yearly.

Human life itself is not here for some ‘Reason’. There is no special reason or divine motive behind it. It simply is here. We developed Intelligence and Intelligence helped us get this far. Is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

To take a shit because you feel like taking a shit? To piss on a cat because you feel like pissing on a cat? To beat your cousin on his head with a glass dildo because you hate the fuckin prick?

Why must everything have some kind of miraculous mumbo jumbo abracadabra bullshit associated with it? Can’t people just take ‘shitting’ for what it is rather than associating ‘mysticism’, ‘divinity’ and ‘prophesy’ with it? Must we make bullshit part of our national diet all the time?

Consider the following:

Premise 1: Dinosaurs, when alive 65 million years ago, were at the top of the food chain.
Premise 2: A meteorite crashed into the Earth, altered the Earth’s climate drastically and they died out.

Conclusion: If the meteorite didn’t fucking hit the Earth, we wouldn’t be fucking here! Human life would not have had the opportunity to thrive. Thus our “oh-so-God-given-life” that we so preciously think is sacred is nothing more than a meaningless fucking accident.  Life is like a piece of turd; floating in a pool of water not because there was a Reason for it to be there but simply because it seemed like a good place for somebody to take a shit in!

And just to end the debate completely and put an end to these other bunch of losers who say:

“Everyone is here for a reason!”

Yeah, sure, everyone is indeed here for a reason. The reason is that your dad forgot to put on a condom and your mum was too much of a pussy not to get a fuckin abortion!

And now we have to listen to you babble about dumb shit things like ‘Reason’, you miserable fuckin no good cunt!

Hey, suck my dick!


There is no evil. There is no good. There is no God.

All that ever was has ended. All that ever is has ended. All that ever will be has ended.

‘Values’ are social coercion. ‘Meanings’ are assistance to survival. ‘Purpose’ is blind hope. ‘Reasons’ are an excuse for continuity. ‘Dreams’ are fictions of the mind.

Life is but one side to a cosmic paradox – that which exists – complementing that which is non-existent.

All creations will cause its own destruction; that is the final realisation. All are vessels of energy; obtaining, preserving and transferring through the aeons solely on internal affairs devoid of any construct.

The spiral thread of life begins out of nothingness ends into nothingness; merely a static charge moving from one vastness to another.

You are but a thought within infinite blackness. You are a lost dust within space. You are an insignificant ephemeral spark within the Void; a reality so unfathomable by the conscious mind that it is a conceptual impossibility – to have witnessed it is to experience both fear and liberation simultaneously.

Undying darkness and ceaseless solitude; so peaceful yet so unforgiving that we silence it from ourselves, but we cannot escape sleep; the perpetual truth, a glimpse of the ultimate picture, a window to everything.

Time is but estopped eternality. Seconds, minutes and hours are illusions of freedom. All is just one Moment.

Ever fleeting instants pass us by as we enclose ourselves into our calendars, completely oblivious to the fact that our meaningless cycles are but manufactured before we could even comprehend ourselves.

Behind the veil of all that seems real is the great Emptiness. Within you is emptiness. Outside all is emptiness.


Photograph courtesy of John McDermott


Reflect. Just reflect. If you reflect silently, you will feel a huge fire that burns eternally; giving warmth, comfort and relief to all who stand around it. It burns with great vigour and merely looking at it gives one life. It shuns away all that is dark, cold and drear. It fills time and space with feelings, emotions and sentience.

It is precious and divine. It beckons you to take it and it gives tirelessly without dimming. It knows not differences only similarities. We courageously put our candle forward and take a small piece of it home. We light our quarters, the abode of our loved ones and we brighten our nights. The fire gives us solace and it makes us whole.

When we gaze at the night sky, we see its remnants scattered all across the cosmos; a great reminder that ‘All is One and One is All’. The fire gives us reflection and we finally see ourselves.

But just as Fire needs Wood to burn so does the Mind need the Body to live. Each pulse; a testament of our source – Every breath; an infinite leap – Each thought; a recollection of aeons.

Always remember, when our candles end, so will our fire…but at this moment…right here, right now…the fire makes us real.

This is Life – Your Life – From the eternal Fire you come as the eternal Fire you must be.


Art courtesy of Alex Grey


Remembering something (memory) feels exactly as when you feel when you’re dreaming in your sleep. What if our existence is merely a dream within someone’s head?

And that everything can end within the waking of this Being.

While we may comprehend Time in our own way, but one Second to this Being could be billions of millennia; infinite to our conception of Time.

We are all merely an imagination, a play, a scene within an Act. Our time here is a line of dialog in a great epic that is endless as well as beginningless.

Or, worse still, what if our existence is merely a Memory within someone’s head? A dreamlike Memory; everything being recollected and played out as it had happen, only to be destroyed upon immediate focused attention.


Art courtesy of Alex Grey

Freedom & Security

Freedom – a multifaceted word.

A word used specifically to describe the ability for a person to move without restriction. It can also be used to define a state of mind; being completely free from prejudices, stigmas and stereotypes. It is a defining quality of Man’s spirit.

Security – a multifaceted word.

A word used specifically to describe a sheltered, protected and safe state of existence. It can also be used to define a state of mind; being completely free from unpredictability, sticking with the tried and tested and stationing yourself with the familiar. It has become a defining quality of Man’s spirit.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Both, are diametrically opposite ideals. If you strive for one, you would have to give up the other. While you may try to strike a balance, but as long as you’re not the one determining where the centre lies, you will never be content.

I have complete freedom of speech, expression and association – any attempt to curtail it is in violation of my nature. The very imposition of exceptions, might it be “public security”, “public order” or “public morality” is therefore harmful to my existence. If I am totally free in mind, then bigotry, racism and hatred will not be part of my life.

For those that may insist on ‘fear’ and ‘discrimination’ as being part of their message, they are free to do so. They are free to be themselves.

There are no such things as “sensitive issues” or “hurt feelings”. These are refuges of the weak, the shackled and those deceived by Security. If you feel “sensitive” or “hurt”, then the problem lies with you, it is not the fault of the message or the messenger. YOU must learn to listen, contemplate and understand – only then will you be able to appreciate your Freedom.

The Timeless Moment

People don’t understand Death. They fear it so much. In fact, our minds seem to be programmed to fear it.

Death takes on a whole new meaning if you’ve lead your life the way you wanted to lead it. When you’ve experienced love, joy and happiness – Death doesn’t seem like something we ought to fear. It seems like just another step of the process; an unforeseeable step.

Most people live under the illusion that there is an afterlife – a mirage created by the mind; a delusion that mitigates the fear of Death. People think that there is some heaven, some blissful existence or some new life. That is not true. When you die, you just disappear to yourself; death is eternal rest, an infinite dreamless sleep. You without life. You without You.

Cultivating this fact, Life now takes on a whole new meaning. We learn to live Life. To make everyday the best we can. To make everyone’s day the best we can. To feel privileged to be alive. To show others the beauty of being alive.

Death; merely a timeless moment in time – we know not when and we do not care. What is important is that, at this moment, here and now, we are Living it.