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It’s interesting to think that a fish will live and die in its habitat without ever knowing of the world outside the ocean. It will never really comprehend Land or its Inhabitants. It’s Reality is the only one it will ever know. The fish could nonetheless find out the truth of it all by swimming out of its habitat…but it will die.

This poses an interesting dilemma:

Would you choose to live happily in ignorance?


Would you risk your life and seek the truth?



Anger is one of the greatest gifts Man has within him.

It is truthful. It is sacred. It is powerful.

To be angry is to have a voice. To be angry is to speak. To be angry is to be human.

It is the duty of every person who breathes to be angry; to be filled with uncontrollable fury and to dissent against the norms and values of his Society whenever and wherever he can. To represent only one individual – himself – and to hold in contempt anything that attempts to defile his thoughts, opinions and judgment.

It is the responsibility of all whose heart beats; to channel their anger and be a thorn in the spine of Society.

Culture is wicked. Culture is Society’s iniquity. Culture is community driven misinformation. It is a disease; spreading itself through reproduction. It will never stop until it has consumed every mind and rendered Man into alienated stupor; incapable of reason, common sense and logic.

Culture is a creation; it is a Slave that will enslave its creators, its Master with the fear of death, humiliation and rejection before robbing from its Master all his conscience and leaving him in spiritual destitution and mental penury.

It must be the aim of all who think; to argue, question and challenge all authority; political, religious and socio-cultural. Never yield. Be angry at your priests, detest your imams, despise your prophets, loathe their following, abhor your politicians and never trust your family; all seek to systematically deceive you.

All have plotted to make you a Slave. All want you as a Follower. All strive to make Anger a deadly sin.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

If someone claims his religion is correct – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims he has the solution to your problems – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims he knows all there is to know – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims he knows what’s best for you – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone tells you to vote for him – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims his Prophet is the one and only – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims there is no other God but his – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims you must respect his beliefs – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims he is offended – Tell him to FUCK OFF!

If someone claims to know you – Tell him to go FUCK HIMSELF!


The very idea of having a ‘girlfriend’,‘boyfriend’, ‘fiancé‘, ‘fiancée’, ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ goes against Love. When in Love, there are no relationships, there are no attachments and there are no expectations. One is not suppose to play a character or a role when one is in Love. One merely has to be.

One has to live in utter vulnerability; to give oneself up completely to the other without imposing his views while the other will reciprocate. Both do not Love each other because of their position, security or hopes but both Love each other because of the Oneness that both experience.

When there is no longer Love, even for one person, both must depart. To not depart would be a great deceit to ones own self.

This is a difficult truth to cultivate for all those who consider Love as merely a preliminary “feeling” to Marriage and Children. It would be a fallacy to do so for it would make you feel inadequate, shackled and voiceless with every break up, separation or divorce.

There is no pattern to follow. There are no guidelines. There is no direction. Everything is subject to change. Nothing is fixed. That is what Love entails.


Boredom’ is easily one of the most profound states of being. It is quite possibly the most authentic and most truthful human experience; to have nothing to do, to feel like not wanting anything to do, to do nothing. To wait, engulfed with disenchantment, till the next spark of a thought comes along before being engaged in fiery physical action.

Boredom is a stationary moment between moments where recognition of the sheer emptiness of life is achieved; how mundane existence is, how uninspiring the world around you is, how all that we do is merely moved by self manufactured ‘motivation’. All actions are taken because our mind has motivated itself to take it.

The mind very readily blankets itself with ‘incentives’ that help drive this ‘motivation’.

When you have a sudden craving for a cacophonic burst of inner ‘warmth’, your mind incites you to find an item that provides it; let us say an ice cream, and you chase after the ice cream man before quickly purchasing one and hastily endearing the ice cream cone, cherishing every single lick, every single moment – the after effect; a tempestuous whirlpool of ecstasy and euphoria; a climactic conflation of all that is ‘happiness’.

Happiness is indeed a nice feeling. It gives you meaningfulness in life and it also makes life worth living knowing that you have somehow, with your actions, promoted more of this ‘happiness’ within yourself or among the people around you. Most people even say that giving happiness to others is a ‘selfless act’. I strongly disagree. In fact, I say it is the very opposite.

No action is selfless. All actions are selfish. You crave for happiness. You like happiness. You want happiness.

You’d be willing to do a lot just to see others happy which in turn makes you happy. The only reason you do it is because you like the feeling of happiness. You want it. You need it. You desire it.

You’d be eager to do anything to promote it as long as you achieve it; as long as you gain for yourself the emotional high associated with ‘happiness’.

That to me doesn’t at all sound selfless. It sounds tremendously selfish. You are selfish. You are placing yourself first. You only really care for yourself.

Boredom allows us to reflect on these paradoxical moments and to realise that the more motivated we are to achieve and promote happiness, the more selfish we become. The less bored we are, the more infatuated we become. The less still we are, the more destructive we are.

So the next time you’re sitting at home yammering about how bored you are, be silent instead and take some time to consider how selfless an act being Bored really is. It is the pinnacle of selflessness. It is you at its most authentic.


There is no evil. There is no good. There is no God.

All that ever was has ended. All that ever is has ended. All that ever will be has ended.

‘Values’ are social coercion. ‘Meanings’ are assistance to survival. ‘Purpose’ is blind hope. ‘Reasons’ are an excuse for continuity. ‘Dreams’ are fictions of the mind.

Life is but one side to a cosmic paradox – that which exists – complementing that which is non-existent.

All creations will cause its own destruction; that is the final realisation. All are vessels of energy; obtaining, preserving and transferring through the aeons solely on internal affairs devoid of any construct.

The spiral thread of life begins out of nothingness ends into nothingness; merely a static charge moving from one vastness to another.

You are but a thought within infinite blackness. You are a lost dust within space. You are an insignificant ephemeral spark within the Void; a reality so unfathomable by the conscious mind that it is a conceptual impossibility – to have witnessed it is to experience both fear and liberation simultaneously.

Undying darkness and ceaseless solitude; so peaceful yet so unforgiving that we silence it from ourselves, but we cannot escape sleep; the perpetual truth, a glimpse of the ultimate picture, a window to everything.

Time is but estopped eternality. Seconds, minutes and hours are illusions of freedom. All is just one Moment.

Ever fleeting instants pass us by as we enclose ourselves into our calendars, completely oblivious to the fact that our meaningless cycles are but manufactured before we could even comprehend ourselves.

Behind the veil of all that seems real is the great Emptiness. Within you is emptiness. Outside all is emptiness.


Photograph courtesy of John McDermott

The Sperm Society Pt.2

Nobody ever thinks to consider the very depth of life. The very idea or possibility of being alive; the privilege, this gift, this opportunity to feel and be something.

First the Universe had to begin, then the creation of a galaxy, then the Sun, then the solar system, then the Earth, then cells, then fish, then amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals, then primates, then your family line, then your father and then the millions of sperms one of which is You…

To touch. To taste. To smell. To hear. To see. All of which are possible only because it took you 15 billion years to reach here. And now you spend this minute of your life reading my words as you enlighten yourself about Yourself.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

*I am a huge Black Sabbath fan. I found this brilliant video by Scopio Sting Films synching an excellent animation feature (Beyond the Mind’s Eye) to a cover of Planet Caravan by Pantera. There’s a nice suprise at the end as well. Enjoy folks!

Unjust Laws

You must be deluded if you think your leaders will repeal your draconian or unjust laws if you head out and protest or had vigils. Such laws will never disappear because your forefathers and your peers made the mistake of giving up their Freedoms for the Security of such laws. ‘Freedom’ once given away voluntarily will never be returned back.

The only thing you can do is ignore such laws, BREAK them whenever you can and remove them from your hearts and minds. If you do get caught for breaking them, your conscience still remains clear and you have lived up to your ideals.

Oh and don’t forget to stop paying your taxes; money used to upkeep such draconian and unjust laws!