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Japanese & Indian

Japanese cuisine and Indian cuisine are complete opposites.

Indian cuisine is intricate with a lot of textures and colours. It is usually very liberal when it comes to spices and ingredients. It has no specific goal but merely serves as a bridge between hours of the day, providing the sustenance and vitality required. Indian cuisine is a celebration of diversity; it is a collage of life’s flavours. The food is also tremendously heavy and it has an engulfing aroma which can ignite feelings and even bring back memories.

Japanese cuisine on the other hand strives on simplicity and subtlety. It has to be prepared with meticulous detail and every step of the process has a rationale behind it. The food is usually extremely defined and has a specific purpose it has to fulfill. Japanese cuisine has to also accomplish artistic standards; it has to set a visual landscape – a small piece of beauty. It is very light and often has an almost empty taste before a single distinct flavour is introduced into the experience.

Both are a wonderful conflation of the Earth’s gifts and the passion within Man.


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