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Only You!

Your conscious subjective experience of the world around you; what you hear, see, touch, smell and taste is the only real and true experience. All other beings i.e. humans, animals and plant life are illusions manufactured by your mind; to give itself a story to live in.

Have you ever considered such a proposition?

That maybe you are alone in this sphere of existence and that everything around you is merely a virtual reality; a metaphysical movie production in which you are the lead character and your mind is the director.

All are creations of your mind including your closest loved ones, your enemies and me.

Your country, your continent, your planet, your universe and the existence of it are all your mind’s imagination. Life is but a dream and you are the dreamer.

That would of course mean, my existence is unreal. I am a figment of your mind. I do not really exist except in your world i.e. your mind’s reality.

The only thing that really exists is you; your mind. Time and Space is ultimately a creation of your mind. Your mind is creating these present visions of reality for you.

Your feelings, emotions, temptations and desires are solely yours and no one else around you can ever understand who you are, how you perceive the world or how you feel. The only thing real is you. Others do not matter for they truly do not really exist.

All the above can never be qualitatively communicated to anyone else e.g. you can never explain to anyone else how the colour ‘Red’ looks like. They remain in your mind. Only you experience them. This is your story and no one else’s. This is your journey.

You are therefore reading this not because I wrote it but because your mind meant for me to write it, so that you could read it.


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