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Corporate Responsibility

I have always believed that as long as you’re alive, you’re guilty for vicariously fucking someone’s life up somewhere on this planet. And if you work for a corporate machine, you have absolved all responsibility, obligation and duty to give any fuck about the planet, its people and the human spirit. Corporations DO NOT give a fuck!

Freedom Fighter

Why the fuck bother fighting if you’re free? Go out and have an interracial gang bang with all the other free people!

Holy War

What the fuck is this?! A fucking joke? They say War is holy but Masturbation is unholy? What the fuck is wrong with these religious cock lovers? Next thing they’ll tell you is that God made Women to serve Men and that Men have a divine right to beat and chastise Women…then again…maybe that’s already there in the Holy Books…

Universally Accepted

You see this often in these pretentious Human Rights Treaties, Conventions and Protocols. If something is Universal, why does it need to be accepted? If something is Universal, why does it need to be announced that it is Universal so that it must be accepted? Shouldn’t we already be born with the knowledge to know that it is Universal and thus already accepted? Shouldn’t it be inculcated within our being and that non-acceptance would simply be impossible? This to me sounds like a big load of bollocks some Holocaust survivor cooked up out of self interest.

Win-Win Solution

There is no such thing as Win-Win solution. Both parties winning can never be a Solution. Life is a zero sum game. Your loss is someone else’s win. If you think, after a deal, you have just achieved a win-win solution – you have very obviously just been shafted. You have not achieved the Solution, my friend, you have just been deceived and cheated. You, my friend, are the loser in a Lose-Win Solution.


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