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The very idea of having a ‘girlfriend’,‘boyfriend’, ‘fiancé‘, ‘fiancée’, ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ goes against Love. When in Love, there are no relationships, there are no attachments and there are no expectations. One is not suppose to play a character or a role when one is in Love. One merely has to be.

One has to live in utter vulnerability; to give oneself up completely to the other without imposing his views while the other will reciprocate. Both do not Love each other because of their position, security or hopes but both Love each other because of the Oneness that both experience.

When there is no longer Love, even for one person, both must depart. To not depart would be a great deceit to ones own self.

This is a difficult truth to cultivate for all those who consider Love as merely a preliminary “feeling” to Marriage and Children. It would be a fallacy to do so for it would make you feel inadequate, shackled and voiceless with every break up, separation or divorce.

There is no pattern to follow. There are no guidelines. There is no direction. Everything is subject to change. Nothing is fixed. That is what Love entails.


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