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Terrorism is good for You!

Terrorism is a fascinating activity. It is fascinating because it is a truly extreme form of human behavior and most people seem to be against it. But I don’t think we should be too quick to judge terrorism and label it as something bad or evil.

So let’s have a look at terrorism and see how much of it is really…


The news would be fucking boring if all you got were financial bullshit. Do you really give a fuck about the Wall Street Journal? Do you really give a shit about Dow Jones? Do you really care if the economy collapses tomorrow and mass rioting starts? I don’t, in fact I say, “BRING IT ON!”.

I wanna watch some good fun television. I wanna see a plane get hijacked by some illiterate South American guerrillas before smashing it into the Eiffel tower on Valentines Day, a high rise tower in Kuala Lumpur being bombed by geriatric Jewish fundamentalists, a bus with wheel chair bound Muslim children being blown up in Mississippi, a Swiss embassy in Korea being burnt to the ground by drunk pro-life protestors, Sarin gas being released in a subway station in London during rush hour while God Bless the Queen in Japanese plays in the background, a chemical bomb going off in Moscow followed by American flags dropping from the sky, a nuclear detonation in the UN headquarters during their Human Rights meet, a biological suitcase bomb exploding in Berlin on Hitler’s birthday with Wagner being played on all radio stations.

Why you may ask that I wanna see all of this? Because it is fucking entertainment! It gives you a big boost of adrenaline watching people running in confusion, covered in piss, blood and shit (either their own or that of others). And it shows you how one single individual or a few can cause so much of chaos, pandemonium and mayhem. It is profound, exhilarating and plain fuckin fun all at the same time.

The human mind is attracted to violence. We like it. It is satisfying. It is thirst-quenching. Violence is part of the human story. The reason you are sitting there in your chair reading this is because at some point in time in history, some person decided to kill someone else to give you the “freedom” to sit in your chair and read this.

It shows you that at some point in the past, some leader of a band of ‘apostles’ was publicly tortured, murdered and his corpse mutilated so that the public can go home with a clear conscience knowing that justice has been served and they can procreate freely without fear and your family lineage can come into existence.

What about ancient Roman Gladiator battles where the public would come in droves and see people get mauled, bitten and killed by animals and by each other all in the name of entertainment? This came from a nation who popularized ‘Separation of Power’, ‘Regular Elections’ and ‘the Republic model’, surely this must be a good idea!

The news networks themselves seem to know this, which is why they have to have repeats of all the latest terror attacks and suicide bombings; to sensationalise an issue, boost ratings and obtain profits. Violence sells and people are buying.

But of course to play safe, they never seem to get too graphic because of calls from politicians that it might psychologically affect children. These politician assholes somehow believe that children ought to be bullshitted and not be made known of the fact that politicians are commissioning the end of an entire civilization in an area of the world inhabited by brown people.

Politicians love to keep the population safe and ignorant. This is not good. Who are these over paid, over indulged and over fed politician assholes to tell the population what’s good for them and to deprieve them of fun, excitement and entertainment? Fuck em!

Man loves violence. It is self affirming; it affirms to us who is really boss on Earth, who wields the power and who makes the decisions. We might as well take violence and make it entertaining. Why live in denial? Why deny ourselves the pleasures of seeing blood? Why deny to ourselves who we really are?

Besides, terrorism…

…Makes life worthwhile

How many of you guys just jacked off before reading this? How many more will be jacking off after reading this? Bottom line, most people on this planet are leading a sorry and mundane life; where they wake up from bed, spend a few minutes wondering how shitty a day they’re going to have, get into the shower, masturbate momentarily, put their clothes on, get into their car, turn on the radio, listen to moronic DJs who laugh at their own jokes and play absolutely shit tunes, get off the car, take a long walk to your smaller-than-a-toilet-seat office space, impersonally get through your work all the while cursing your sorry and pathetic existence, have some over-processed over-priced highly unhealthy food as lunch, continue working while progressively looking at the clock more often, leave from work, maybe get a drink, hope to get laid but don’t, get back to bed and go to sleep. Wake up the next morning and repeat!

Don’t you just hope for something exciting to happen? A car in your basement blowing up? Your office building catching on fire, the fire trucks arrive and all of a sudden blowup killing all the firemen and your moron colleagues? Your neighbor being assassinated while he was having sex with his dog? The Prime Minister waking up to find his dick being connected to a loose pin of a grenade, risking a possible explosion upon de-erection of his ‘morning wood’? A military tank smashing into a nearby mosque during prayers or a church during mass?

Right about now, most of you are thinking – “Oh no way, that is just so cruel and sick!” – Bullshit!

You know you want it. You know there’s a part of you that just wants to see how the scene will look like. How the mess and the carnage will unfold? How much bodies there will be? How much ancillary damage there will be i.e. socio-cultural life, the economy, national policy, etc. Doesn’t that tickle your curiosity? Doesn’t it make you wonder how you will look at your own life?

Terrorism will give your life meaning. Terrorism will make you love your life a little bit more each time you escape a deadly attack. Terrorism makes your life worth living! You learn to cherish your life. You learn to give yourself what you deserve, what you really want; your expectations, your dreams and your desires.

In a terrorist laden world, full of danger and unpredictability, everything you do now will be filled with that much more effort, that much more emphasis, more attention, more focus, more appreciation and more love. You wanna make sure you savour everything because you could die at any moment owing to some terrorist attack. You wanna breathe every single breath with full awareness of it. Every chocolate bar will taste that much more delicious. Every ride at a local park will seem that much more thrilling. Every conversation with a friend will feel that much more significant.

You won’t lead a hollow life sitting like a dejected drone in some cubicle wasting your life away on accounts, bills, drafts, files and folders – fuck that! Why must you continue to be bothered with someone else’s shit? Let them fuckin do it themselves!

You will take risks, renounce your citizenship, leave the country, visit those places you always wanted to visit, say “fuck off” to your wife, child and parents, bungee jump, sky dive, do heroine, cocaine, weed and LSD all at the same time while your dick is being sucked by an 18 year old Eastern European Astrophysics student, break in into your first grade teachers home and masturbate on her face while she took a nap, use a religious book as toilet tissue while taking a dump by the side of a road in Shanghai during a strike by a group of disgruntled lion dancers; in short, lead a worthwhile and memorable life!

You have absolutely nothing to lose besides life. So why waste it? You better lead it to the fullest because at any given moment something could go off and your brains could be blown off! The imminent, clear and present danger of a terrorist attack is enough to make anyone reconsider their lives and inject some ingenuity and wholesomeness into it. This is why terrorism is a good thing. It makes you take your life seriously and fuckin do something with it!

But never forgetting, as we have too many fuckers walking around who really have no reason to be here, terrorism is also important as it is a mechanism for…

…Population Control

Year after year, the percentage of those succumbing to poverty and starvation seems to only get bigger. And why the fuck should we care, we’re not part of the fuckin percentage are we? Fuck it! Do you give a fuck? I certainly don’t give a fuck! And if you do give a fuck, I’m demanding that you don’t give a fuck. It’s pointless. Why the fuck do you even bother to give a fuck?

Let’s be clear here. The world operates in a very simple fashion: If you’re rich, then you’re going to have all the checks and balances working for you. The Government (which consist of your peers) will guarantee you lenient laws, widespread marketing and business opportunities, a nice tax rate, superb banking facilities, access to justice, positions in colleges and universities, good town and country planning, incentives for investments and a steady supply of high income jobs. In short, you live in a beautiful SOCIALIST economy where you are taken care off.

But if you’re poor, hell, then it’s all CAPITALISM for you isn’t it? It’s a free fuckin market bitch. Every man for his dick.

So, the system dictates that, if you’re born poor, then you ought to just blame your parents. They should’ve exercised some personal responsibility, looked for work opportunities, sucked a few more dicks, gone to school, gotten themselves educated but NO, they chose to be a lazy, weak and an inferior band of beasts (I will not call them Men) excessively reliant on Government handouts, beneficence and charity, who breed like rabbits and have no civility or moral character.

And who the fuck exactly are we kidding when we institute a “War on Poverty”? Isn’t it WAR that is causing POVERTY?! Which fuck came up with this “War on Poverty” shit? In short, we don’t really care about poverty because we all know it’s an unsolvable issue. Too many people have too much money they don’t wanna give up. And that is only fair though, because you reap what you sow! If you work hard, spend much time and effort then you deserve your money. Why should you give a fuck about some poor homeless asshole in the street or some abandoned child somewhere? They have no bearing on your life whatsoever. They don’t deserve to be alive because they can and will never contribute to your life – so fuck em!

Let’s also not bullshit ourselves with caring about the disabled, the terminally ill and the sick either. Politicians are famous for their hypocritical front page donations and magazine worthy philanthropy in order to gain voters and public confidence; so much for sincerity and humility!

For all these terminally ill and cancer assholes, I firmly believe: if you can’t wipe your own ass and/or feed yourself, then you have no place being alive on Earth. There is no need for you to experience humanness if you don’t have a life with quality. Drink some fuckin cyanide and get the fuck off this planet! Who the fuck you think you are breathing other people’s air and wasting our precious fucking resources? Fuck you! Die with some dignity at least, exercise your right to end your life; that is what self determination and personal autonomy entails. Have some decency not to bother others and most importantly, some self respect.

So fuck these vulnerable uninformed poor and sick fucks. The more detonations, explosions and blasts we have, the more we reduce these poor fucks and never have to think or deal with their shitty problems. It gives everyone else a little less of a headache and it allows us all to lead our decent lives without having to worry about mindless “problems” like ‘poverty’, ‘starvation’ and ‘homelessness’.

And notice how these terrorist attacks always take place where the poor are affected the most; the Mumbai attacks, the myriad of car bombs that go off in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, the motorcycle bombs in Thailand, the ferry bombs in Philippines, the pub bombings in Indonesia, etc. So we should instead be praising these terrorists and their actions instead of arresting or detaining them. These people mean well; they are removing the unwanted assholes that plague human society, they are helping us clean society’s shit stains, they are helping us make the world a better place. Michael Jackson would be proud of these guys! Kudos to them!

Furthermore, one can never deny that Terrorism is a form of…


Just as literature, music, drama and artistic craftsmanship are all forms of human expression so is Terrorism.

When a guy decides to strap a bomb on and blow a convoy of US Marines at an Iraqi US Checkpoint, he is trying to make a point; he is stating his thoughts, he is voicing his opinion and he is expressing himself. Since when did expressing yourself ever become a crime? If someone has something to say or get out off themselves, they should express it whenever and wherever they like with whatever means possible.
Of course, people often resort to two arguments:

1. “You are killing innocent people.”

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘innocent people’. No one on this planet is innocent. As long as you’re born, you have taken part in the defiling of this planet. Because of your existence, someone else has had to suffer somewhere else in the world to keep you alive. Your needs have increased the amount of bullshit the people of this planet have had to deal with.

Your birth has caused one more tree to be felled. Your continuation has called for more resources to be plundered. Your actions on this planet would’ve caused the people around you to make moronic decisions which inevitably affect society and eventually the human race, most often for the worse.

You instigate the creation of a landfill and thus pollution. You create much tension, grief and torment to the people around you thus affecting them psychologically. Your inaction has in turn allowed crime, corruption and wars to go on. You are responsible for all the shit that is happening in the world today. You are guilty. You are a fucker! There are no ‘innocent people’. You are just as full of shit as the guy sitting next to you.

SO, now that we’ve established that no one is really innocent and that all is guilty – people can certainly be phased off to reduce the culpability of the species. So, terrorists are in reality, killing guilty individuals as a way of expressing their disaffection towards the way the world is playing itself out. I see no harm in that whatsoever. In fact, it is to be encouraged. I like to consider it as ‘constructive criticism’ or maybe ‘deconstructive criticism’ would make more sense.

Next argument would be:

2. “Murder simply cannot be condoned.”

Since when is it that murder cannot be condoned? What do you do when you’re hungry? You slit a chicken, to eat it. The very act of slitting a chicken’s throat is an expression; an expression of wanting to feed yourself. What do you do when a mosquito tries to bite you? You swat it; an expression of your dislike towards your blood being taken or the itchiness after the bite. When you go fishing, you hook a fish and remove it out of its habitat. That is an expression of your strength and power as a human.

Likewise, blowing something up and killing people is an expression. An expression of disapproval towards the lifestyle, creed and/or aims of a certain class of men and women. It’s another way of saying “Your continued existence will result in my death. And this is how my death will feel like. – KABOOM!”.

A lot legal people usually argue, “But your right to express yourself is affecting the rights of others!” – Bullshit. The whole point of terrorism is to induce fear and terror among the general public. That is its very design. And what is wrong with fear and terror? We don’t penalize the guy who operates a roller coaster for causing fear, now do we? Or some movie director for provoking terror with his movies? Neither do we punish the police for breaching the peace with their ridiculous sirens, home intrusions and road blocks, do we? Leave ‘Fear’ and ‘Terror’ alone, it keeps people alert, aware and it provides excitement.

The same legal people also say “But it causes physical harm!” – Bullshit! Marlboro cigarettes cause physical harm, Jack Daniels’ whisky causes physical harm and even McDonalds’ Big Mac causes physical harm – you don’t see these shits off the shelves or being illegal, do you? Smoking, drinking and eating can certainly be expressions and just because something takes a longer time to cause harm doesn’t make it any less harmful. Worst of all, they actually make you pay for these shits, while terrorism is completely free.

The very fact that you can place a bomb in the middle of a city square, explode it at rush hour and kill hundreds and hundreds of people is a fascinating and captivating idea and it should always be embraced as being the greatest form of human expression.

Conclusion: Terrorism is a completely legitimate, warranted and a necessary activity for human society. Terrorism is ultimately inspiring, it is exhilarating and it is goddamn fun! And we sure as fuck need A LOT more of it.


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