Open All Night!!!


I greatly despise The Oprah Winfrey Show and Oprah herself. I think the show for the most part gives excessive attention on materialism and consumerism, it manufactures culture, paints Oprah as a God, highlights ridiculous issues which have no bearing on humanity and pays homage to mediocrity i.e. celebrities, Hollywood and pompous pop psychologists.

It’s just one big support group where weak, jaded and dumb Americans can bullshit themselves with ‘caring’, ‘sharing’, ‘giving’, ‘nurturing’ and ‘dreaming’.

Fuck Oprah! I hope she dies of uncontrollable diarrhoea and vaginal cancer!

Nonetheless, if the people from Oprah’s studio are looking for guests, here’s a list of people Oprah should get for her show:

An intellectual pirate

A gay mechanic

An Arab streaker

A stripper with leprosy

An elephant trainer with elephantiasis

A storytelling rapist

A transsexual terrorist

A Bangladeshi Goth

A wheel chair bound Clown

It’ll most certainly be garnering the Highest Ratings for the Year!


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