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Life is Meaningless

You know one group of cocks that are completely full of shit – these weak and soft people who think that everything happens for a reason.

This is their usual pathetic story:

A dipshit usually has something unfavourable happen to him and in order to save himself from the embarrassment, humiliation and blame arising from the event and lacking anyone else to accuse, looks up to the sky and says:

“There has to be a reason for this, everything happens for a reason.”


Nothing ever happens for a reason besides you deciding to fuck it up or it is simply an inevitable consequence of your own stupidity or the stupidity of others.

Nothing ever happens because of some pre-meditated ‘Reason’.

If there is some ‘Force’ that knows the past, present and future and is secretly controlling events and fucking things up on this planet for some Reason, then we need to find this fucking ‘Force’ and destroy it ASAP because it’s making life difficult for the 6 million children who die in Africa annually and the few thousand women who have their clitoris mutilated in Somalia yearly.

Human life itself is not here for some ‘Reason’. There is no special reason or divine motive behind it. It simply is here. We developed Intelligence and Intelligence helped us get this far. Is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

To take a shit because you feel like taking a shit? To piss on a cat because you feel like pissing on a cat? To beat your cousin on his head with a glass dildo because you hate the fuckin prick?

Why must everything have some kind of miraculous mumbo jumbo abracadabra bullshit associated with it? Can’t people just take ‘shitting’ for what it is rather than associating ‘mysticism’, ‘divinity’ and ‘prophesy’ with it? Must we make bullshit part of our national diet all the time?

Consider the following:

Premise 1: Dinosaurs, when alive 65 million years ago, were at the top of the food chain.
Premise 2: A meteorite crashed into the Earth, altered the Earth’s climate drastically and they died out.

Conclusion: If the meteorite didn’t fucking hit the Earth, we wouldn’t be fucking here! Human life would not have had the opportunity to thrive. Thus our “oh-so-God-given-life” that we so preciously think is sacred is nothing more than a meaningless fucking accident.  Life is like a piece of turd; floating in a pool of water not because there was a Reason for it to be there but simply because it seemed like a good place for somebody to take a shit in!

And just to end the debate completely and put an end to these other bunch of losers who say:

“Everyone is here for a reason!”

Yeah, sure, everyone is indeed here for a reason. The reason is that your dad forgot to put on a condom and your mum was too much of a pussy not to get a fuckin abortion!

And now we have to listen to you babble about dumb shit things like ‘Reason’, you miserable fuckin no good cunt!

Hey, suck my dick!


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