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Boredom’ is easily one of the most profound states of being. It is quite possibly the most authentic and most truthful human experience; to have nothing to do, to feel like not wanting anything to do, to do nothing. To wait, engulfed with disenchantment, till the next spark of a thought comes along before being engaged in fiery physical action.

Boredom is a stationary moment between moments where recognition of the sheer emptiness of life is achieved; how mundane existence is, how uninspiring the world around you is, how all that we do is merely moved by self manufactured ‘motivation’. All actions are taken because our mind has motivated itself to take it.

The mind very readily blankets itself with ‘incentives’ that help drive this ‘motivation’.

When you have a sudden craving for a cacophonic burst of inner ‘warmth’, your mind incites you to find an item that provides it; let us say an ice cream, and you chase after the ice cream man before quickly purchasing one and hastily endearing the ice cream cone, cherishing every single lick, every single moment – the after effect; a tempestuous whirlpool of ecstasy and euphoria; a climactic conflation of all that is ‘happiness’.

Happiness is indeed a nice feeling. It gives you meaningfulness in life and it also makes life worth living knowing that you have somehow, with your actions, promoted more of this ‘happiness’ within yourself or among the people around you. Most people even say that giving happiness to others is a ‘selfless act’. I strongly disagree. In fact, I say it is the very opposite.

No action is selfless. All actions are selfish. You crave for happiness. You like happiness. You want happiness.

You’d be willing to do a lot just to see others happy which in turn makes you happy. The only reason you do it is because you like the feeling of happiness. You want it. You need it. You desire it.

You’d be eager to do anything to promote it as long as you achieve it; as long as you gain for yourself the emotional high associated with ‘happiness’.

That to me doesn’t at all sound selfless. It sounds tremendously selfish. You are selfish. You are placing yourself first. You only really care for yourself.

Boredom allows us to reflect on these paradoxical moments and to realise that the more motivated we are to achieve and promote happiness, the more selfish we become. The less bored we are, the more infatuated we become. The less still we are, the more destructive we are.

So the next time you’re sitting at home yammering about how bored you are, be silent instead and take some time to consider how selfless an act being Bored really is. It is the pinnacle of selflessness. It is you at its most authentic.


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