Open All Night!!!


There is no evil. There is no good. There is no God.

All that ever was has ended. All that ever is has ended. All that ever will be has ended.

‘Values’ are social coercion. ‘Meanings’ are assistance to survival. ‘Purpose’ is blind hope. ‘Reasons’ are an excuse for continuity. ‘Dreams’ are fictions of the mind.

Life is but one side to a cosmic paradox – that which exists – complementing that which is non-existent.

All creations will cause its own destruction; that is the final realisation. All are vessels of energy; obtaining, preserving and transferring through the aeons solely on internal affairs devoid of any construct.

The spiral thread of life begins out of nothingness ends into nothingness; merely a static charge moving from one vastness to another.

You are but a thought within infinite blackness. You are a lost dust within space. You are an insignificant ephemeral spark within the Void; a reality so unfathomable by the conscious mind that it is a conceptual impossibility – to have witnessed it is to experience both fear and liberation simultaneously.

Undying darkness and ceaseless solitude; so peaceful yet so unforgiving that we silence it from ourselves, but we cannot escape sleep; the perpetual truth, a glimpse of the ultimate picture, a window to everything.

Time is but estopped eternality. Seconds, minutes and hours are illusions of freedom. All is just one Moment.

Ever fleeting instants pass us by as we enclose ourselves into our calendars, completely oblivious to the fact that our meaningless cycles are but manufactured before we could even comprehend ourselves.

Behind the veil of all that seems real is the great Emptiness. Within you is emptiness. Outside all is emptiness.


Photograph courtesy of John McDermott


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