Open All Night!!!


Reflect. Just reflect. If you reflect silently, you will feel a huge fire that burns eternally; giving warmth, comfort and relief to all who stand around it. It burns with great vigour and merely looking at it gives one life. It shuns away all that is dark, cold and drear. It fills time and space with feelings, emotions and sentience.

It is precious and divine. It beckons you to take it and it gives tirelessly without dimming. It knows not differences only similarities. We courageously put our candle forward and take a small piece of it home. We light our quarters, the abode of our loved ones and we brighten our nights. The fire gives us solace and it makes us whole.

When we gaze at the night sky, we see its remnants scattered all across the cosmos; a great reminder that ‘All is One and One is All’. The fire gives us reflection and we finally see ourselves.

But just as Fire needs Wood to burn so does the Mind need the Body to live. Each pulse; a testament of our source – Every breath; an infinite leap – Each thought; a recollection of aeons.

Always remember, when our candles end, so will our fire…but at this moment…right here, right now…the fire makes us real.

This is Life – Your Life – From the eternal Fire you come as the eternal Fire you must be.


Art courtesy of Alex Grey


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