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We, the People…

This is how it began.

A group of men sat together and discussed about life while a bonfire blazed away. One very patient and observant man began enlightening the rest about the sky. He observed and noticed that certain celestial alignments gave way to certain earthly seasons which in turn allowed him to predict the right time to sow seeds and harvest crops. He also noticed a similar pattern in the rising of the rivers which helped in irrigation and water consumption. He was able to forecast the movement of the Sun throughout the year and was able to conjure up allegories to explain this knowledge to others. The rest of the men were at awe when they heard him. They appointed him as their leader because of his wisdom; they told him he could assist them, he could guide them and he could control them. The Man does so.

As of his appointment, he had great fervour to want to help his people and he feels grateful for the respect they have given him. The man would spend hours observing Nature and how it functioned, incorporating its features and feats into objects. He would learn its principles and apply them to everyday life – Technology. He astonished people with his tools, inventions and contraptions and he made their lives easier but he always made sure they never knew the mechanisms of it. The people appreciated his gifts, they appreciated his service and they appreciated him. He became a master at his field and would employ bright members of society to assist him but he always kept his knowledge within a set circle; never divulging too much for the fear of losing power. He saw himself as being different from everyone else. He considered himself great, superior and divine; the son of God. He glorified himself and the people blindly followed. What he said, they obeyed. What laws he made, they followed. When he declared war, they died. They are made to compete and hate their neighbours on the adjacent land.  He divided the people into 4 groups depending on their occupation and wealth. The groups dressed and spoke differently. He got the people to build him tombs that looked like mountains and his death was akin to a season. He was God and the people revered Him. Their worship went to Him. Their religion was Him.

As soon as He died, His son takes over the throne claiming He is divine bloodline. Having never experienced pain and suffering, He rules with an iron fist; hurting, killing and massacring anyone who dissents. He pillages, enslaves and discards at will, sucking all the Earth has to offer and spitting out waste, disease and death. He dies and His son takes over. He dies and His son takes over. He dies and His son takes over. He dies and His son takes over. He dies and His son takes over. Succession was Automatic. The people fear Him and their neighbours hated Him. The people are now weak. The people are dying. Life is treachery. Life is suffering. Life is slavery. The Metropolis looks like an altar dedicated to Him. White shinning quartz topped structures with beautiful temples commemorating the divine bloodline, each with a belief system modeled after the astro-theological philosophy of the Gods that ruled. His story is their education. His life is their life. His death is their death. But one Man wakes up one day to see through the façade. He gathers everyone, wakes them up and empowers all. They fight against their God and they win!

The people elect the awakened Man as their new leader. He divides the spoils to all equally. Everyone wants to be equal. Everyone is equal. The man works very hard to ensure that all is equal so that the people can experience a new life; one in which all can have that which they should and all can be happy. The people begin to focus on their lives momentarily and rebuild it. They eventually begin paying less regard for the Man. The pool of resources that the Man has which he must divide equally to all begins to tempt him. He believes that he should get more, a lot more, for his efforts in keeping everyone content. He begins usurping the wealth for himself and for his family, slowly distancing himself away from the Community as he finds them to be selfish and unthankful. The people, experiencing a sudden drop in resources suddenly cry for more. They want to be secure and ask for there to be more. The people begin taking their grievances to the streets demanding for more, commanding for more; choices and tastes, stimuli and fascination. Some people begin coercing their neighbours to join them. The Man fears that he might be overthrown if his misdeeds were known. Some people approach the Man to obtain a share from the pool of resources in the hopes that they can develop new alternatives and flavors. He seizes this opportunity and he gives them a share from the pool but not without an interest in their endeavours.

With this new found Capital, the people develop structures and opportunities for all while providing new options and variety for the population. The Man is rewarded for his provisions. The people are finally happy. Whatever they ask for, someone will be willing to make it for them. Each time someone makes it, he provides more jobs to the people. The population is busy and their thoughts never wander to consider the Man or his actions. Now and then, the Man allows for items that help the people relieve their stress; chemicals to be inhaled, beverages to be drunk, trends to be adopted and portable games which help keep the minds of the people pacified. The Man uses a public screen with moving pictures to tell the people what they should believe in and who they should love. The people believe whatever the Man has to say for he seems to give them all they need, by secretly robbing from their neighbours. The Earth is pillaged further to create credit. People go to financial buildings to get this credit to create more structures and opportunities. Some people begin to get rich and some people begin to get poor. The rich begin to get richer and the poor begin to get poorer. This goes on for a long time and suddenly…… it collapses. Everything collapses. Life is crushed by people obtaining things they don’t need with wealth they don’t have.

The Man has long left with most of the wealth and the people are left in shambles. The environment becomes a wild and hostile place causing severe harm and catastrophes to the people. Many people have died and many others are in agony. The people are lost and confused. The people have no hope. The people no longer believe in themselves. So, they gather around a bonfire and talk about life when one observant man enlightens the rest about his invention that allows for the harnessing of Energy with minimal effort. The people listen contently to him explain about this Technology. The people were at awe when they heard him. They appointed him as their leader because of his wisdom. He proceeds to mend the economy by combining it with those of the hated neighbours. Maps will be redrawn to allow more movement and uniform decision making. All will be under One government. The people and their neighbours give this man their authority; they want him to assist them, to guide them and to control them…and the Man does so…


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