Open All Night!!!

The Indian Muslim in the Igloo

Everyone is proud about their race, ethnicity, nationality, national origin and religion without for a minute thinking how shallow most of these categories are.

Say you’re an Indian Muslim and the moment you were born you were kidnapped and taken close to the Arctic Circle where you were raised by a bunch of Eskimos. You would for the rest of your life consider yourself an Eskimo without for once questioning your culture, tradition, practices or beliefs.

You would live comfortably in an igloo during horrendous blizzards. You would eat the meat of whales, walruses and seals. You would most certainly clothe yourself with skin taken from an animal you cut open yourself. Even if you somehow came around to finding a mirror and looked at yourself, the weather would’ve conditioned you to look very much like an Eskimo.

Oh and you can certainly forget about Allah S.W.T. cause you would’ve NEVER have heard of him in the Artic Circle. You would instead be worshipping Sedna, Goddess of the Sea!

It is of utmost importance to realise that you are who you are because others have told you who you are. Without others, you would be ‘tabula rasa’; empty, void and open.

Now, if we all wanted to solve our bigotry, prejudice and schisms – we just have to return to ‘tabula rasa’ , consider each person as you and our lives will be made anew!


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