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Advertising: Bullshit!

Advertisers first started with:

Buy One get One free

They then realised that that made it sound like they were selling unwanted excess. The word ‘Free’ made it sound cheap. So they manufactured the promotion as:

Two for the price of One

This time around the ‘Two’ is accentuated giving people the illusion that they are getting more than they bargained for, but when at the counter you would realise you aren’t paying for one of the items; making the items seem low-cost and even suggesting low-quality. So they moved into:

Buy Two for Half price

You actually have to think this one out to comprehend it. It has the ‘Two’ but it cites ‘Half price’ giving you the illusion of discount and making you presume you’re still paying for both and getting the same quality.

Sadly though, you’re still being fucked with the same bullshit only repackaged with a fancier wrapping paper!


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