Open All Night!!!

International Chicken Coop

Nobody really thinks deep enough about chickens. We catch a few, put them in a secluded environment where we give them the illusion of security and safety. We give them just the adequate amount of food to survive and we force them to produce as much young as possible before eating them when they get older. We then isolate the young; some we feed ourselves with (eggs) and some are taken away and raised to continue the cycle above. We have taken the ‘Life’ of chickens and we have manipulated it to suit our needs. Man has actually been playing God with chickens!

What’s fascinating though is that we seem to be doing the same thing to ourselves – fencing off huge chunks of land, putting workers on it, ensuring a good “standard of living”, proclaiming Marriage as an institution of “love”, welcoming children freely, indoctrinating them with our “education”, employing them in our land, working them till their deaths and continuing the cycle day after day, decade after decade, century after century.

‘Countries’…..merely large Chicken Coops!


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