Open All Night!!!

The Hunger



Ravaging. Feasting.

Munching. Chewing. Masticating.

Ingesting. Swallowing. Consuming. Devouring. Gorging.

Man’s disease is his insatiable Hunger. Man’s trade is to take all that can be taken. Man is driven by the simple sight of plenty. He will be struck with sadness if he does not have. He must continue to fill himself up. He equates happiness with that which he can attain. He will never tire as long as there is more. His incentives are that which he can obtain.

His duty will always be based on what he wants to gain. He will wage war to secure what will be his. He will be willing to kill to receive. His life is led because of what he craves. His wants eventually become his needs.

Man will discard Silence. Man will unlearn Stillness. Man will never Live.

Misery. Suffering.




Art courtesy of Aimal Khattak


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