Open All Night!!!


All it takes is one man. One man. That’s all you’ll ever need.

He merely has to go to the outskirts of a major city and plant four (4) simple home made explosives on the four uninhabited outer corners of the city; more specifically at the foot of four (4) electric towers on the national grid.

Then head back to the city and place three (3) vans with racist pamphlets in 3 areas occupied predominantly by a certain racial group. Each van having pamphlets with hate messages directed at the race in that area. Each van must be fitted with a simple self made small scale explosive; powerful enough to rupture the van’s frame but not intense enough to injure anyone.

Have all bombs timed to blow up at 12 noon. All 7 explosives will then detonate.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

All lights will go off when the grid collapses. All electrical equipment will power off and there will be hate filled papers flying all over the city. The air will be overflowing with fear, all will panic and terror will be the motif for the day.

There will immediately be long queues in front of banks but it won’t last long when insecurity and impatience grow amongst people. Most will begin to shout, scream, push, shove and fight. Banks will have to close to reduce their potential losses but their counters will immediately be stormed and overrun with account holders, non account holders and thugs who will ransack the place and empty its vaults after sodomising the bank manager and getting the vault combination from him.

Everyone will be enraged to find their races targeted and all will take up arms against their neighbour. One race will butcher another, one group will annihilate another and one ethnicity will massacre another. All hope to live in security by removing each other.

The poor will be deprived of their transport, their source of income and their ability to survive – all will need food, shelter, clothing and fuel. They will immediately begin to steal, rob and burgle. Riots will break out immediately with huge departmental stores and supermarkets being wiped clean of all its produce, groceries and sundries.

The army, the riot police and the police will be called in, but the public being charged with extreme resentment will seize the squad’s weaponry; their water cannons, batons, shields, grenades and guns and use it against the squads. Out of the sheer madness, chaos and disorder, the squads will be forced to leave the “battleground” to save their own family, leaving their cruisers, trucks and armored vehicles behind. The people hijack these machines and begin using them to kill, slaughter and eradicate each other.

The international press sends their teams of reporters, journalists and cameramen over to the city to provide coverage for the rest of the world. While doing their duties they are attacked by mobs of people who intend to salvage their cameras, lights and appliances to exchange them for food and other amenities. The press people are tortured before being discarded into a river and most of these acts were captured on film for the world to see. Foreign investments stop immediately. Multinational corporations leave as soon as possible. International trade is halted completely.

The people gather around the tallest flagpole in the city and wheel the flag down before defecating, heaving and urinating on it one at a time. When all were done, it was set on fire and raised back up the flagpole to commemorate the people’s liberation while at the same time becoming the nation’s new flag. Most buildings will be set on fire after being looted and the whole city becomes a splitting image of hell.

Most people would attempt to flee but cars would be stopped in the middle of the street, its drivers dragged out before having their heads smashed by a brick and their cars stolen. Cars wouldn’t travel for long as they would run out of fuel and ‘electricity driven fuel pumps’ have stopped functioning. Mobile phones would not work as there is no reception in the air. The telephone lines are dead. The internet is completely useless. All means of personal communication would become redundant.

Those that don’t partake in the festivities realise that they have inadequate water supply as the ‘electric pumps’ in the reservoir have stopped pumping water into the pipes. People will begin running towards the closest rivers and lakes to collect water but owing to the excessive pollution in these bodies of water, they develop hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and botulism.

Some head off to the hospital for treatment owing to serious bodily injury, hunger and disease. Doctors and nurses try their best but are not able to cater to all which results in a huge mob stealing all medical supplies before killing the doctors, raping the nurses, fucking the corpses in the morgue and demolishing the hospital.

Many people would begin seeking refuge in their respective religious structures. The religious leaders are nowhere to be found and have long since disappeared. After a number of hours, packs of bigots appear around these structures to proclaim their hateful slogans. They then start plundering the place of its valuable gold, silver and donations before locking the people in and torching the place leaving nothing but ash and dust.

Politicians gather in parliament or congress to declare a state of emergency while throngs of people stand outside Hoping for an immediate Change in the current condition and Believing that things are going to get better.

Babies are crying, children are moaning and disgruntled people chant their disagreements. The people begin getting restless after the politicians are not seen after three days, so they break into the parliament complex and begin raiding the place.

Upon seeing all the politicians cowering in a corner of a room, scared out of their wits, the mob violently beats them to an inch of their lives and proceeds to bathe them in kerosene. They paint parliament with what gasoline and diesel they have left and set it alight. Parliament burns to the ground as mass of men in drunken stupor, from alcohol stolen from liquor shops, run around the blazing inferno singing the National Anthem – a song about a place where they proudly spilt their blood or gave their lives.

Current criminal underworld leaders make their way to the prisons and proceed to release all their criminal comrades and bestow them their long awaited freedom. From the confines and chasms of the prisons come the murderers, sadists, lunatics, psychos, rapists, molesters, pedophiles, sexual predators, robbers, burglars, thieves, thugs, hooligans, drug lords, drug traffickers, racketeers, extortionists, blackmailers, kidnappers, arsonists, vandals, terrorists, racists, triads bosses, hit men and gangsters.

High income, white collar, upper/upper-middle class residential areas are then immediately pillaged by these criminals and widespread looting takes place. Men are enslaved, their wives raped in front of their eyes and their children disemboweled. Their property taken away and their sense of self worth reduced to nil.

The people, seeking answers to this catastrophe eventually make their way to the administrative heart of the nation; a centralised area with all government structures. They see staffs and officials still on their tea break completely oblivious to what has taken place, so the people begin ravaging, scavenging and destroying all buildings and structures starting off of course with the Home Ministry or Department of Homeland Security or Home Office.

Male staffs are raped orally before being tied and kicked to the ground where an armoured vehicle is driven over them slowly, one at a time. Female staffs are anally sodomised with broken fluorescent light tubes stolen from the buildings and are later tied behind trucks and cruisers where are they are dragged continuously till they turn into redundant pulps of flesh. All bodies are later collected and heaped in the middle of the administrative city where it is lit on fire. The people, now completely drunk on alcohol and high on drugs, begin wandering the neighbouring cities and states searching for food and shelter, bringing their violence and hunger along with them; destroying the landscape and inflicting harm upon everyone.

Money has lost its legal tender and the people are left with worthless valueless pieces of paper.

There is no industry, there is no commerce and there is no economy.

Food becomes impossible to cultivate as the modern man has lost all knowledge on farming. Shelter becomes unattainable as the average man has no comprehension of basic engineering. There is no longer Clothing as the man on the street has no know-how on weaving. Everyone lacks money and starts resorting back to the barter system; giving what they have, to obtain what they need. Men will start selling their labour to criminal bosses for meager food, women will start prostituting themselves for shelter and children….well they just die owing to starvation and disease.

The majority of people will then begin to commit suicide; jumping off cliffs, drinking poison, drowning themselves, driving into ravines, setting themselves on fire, blowing themselves up, falling off buildings, hanging themselves, slitting themselves, walking in front of vehicles, suffocating themselves, overdosing on drugs, smashing their heads on walls, inhaling exhaust fumes, stabbing themselves, starving themselves and autoerotic sexual asphyxia.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Modern Society is like a house of cards. Give it a light puff and everything falls to the ground.

And all it takes is one man. One man. That’s all you’ll ever need.


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