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AIDS, Race & Malaysia

I refer to this news report – The Star.

Briefly, the Malaysian Government has decided to make it compulsory for Muslim couples to undergo a HIV test before getting married.

The Mandatory Screening

This decision, by the Malaysian politicians, is yet another attempt to keep the Malay population in check – to instil herd conformity, to keep people walking in a line without questioning. It is a basic task of reducing people’s liberties, uniqueness and individuality – to make everyone dress and think alike.

And it is very simple to do indeed:-

You isolate a group of people under the guise of some bigger establishment, in this case religion (Islam), then you tell them that they are under a threat, in this case a disease (AIDS) and out of an irrational fear of death and non-acceptance, people will conform blindly without question.

Such an action was employed by the Nazis and boy did it work well! Click here  for Hermann Goering’s cell confession during the Nuremberg trials.

The Malaysian Government in its stance for testing couples says it wants to stop the spread of AIDS among Women. Well, if you read up on HIV, you would realise, it is Men who go around ejaculating into Women thus spreading the disease. So it is Men that we ought to be concerned about NOT Women!

‘Stopping the spread of AIDS among women’ is a ploy. What the leaders of this country really want to do is to control the Malay population – to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of healthy Malay babies being discharged so that they can be coerced with the History a.k.a. Propaganda they learn in school; making them exclude themselves further in order to vote and perpetuate a divided, bureaucratic and incompetent nation.

The Malays

You know, at one time being a Malay meant something. It meant that you didn’t take no bullshit from anyone. Being a Malay stood for courage, wisdom and a towering will to survive. The Malays these days are weak, dumb and easily led. They let someone else do the thinking for them and wag along where the money to buy their vote is.

What is depressing though is the fact that the Muslims in this country or rather Malays continue to buy into these bullshit; accepting EVERYTHING the Government says as being divine truth without for a minute standing back and thinking.

The Government continues to use Islam to get Malays riled up and the Malays tag along like sheep without considering the consequences of their action. Do Malays not feel affected at how they are being treated in relation to this AIDS screening?

Think about it: you are restricted, tested and databased. You are being captured, studied and tagged; just like an animal. Do you not feel hurt that this is how your government treats you? Like cattle! Why do you put up with this?

And always remember, they have your blood – that means they have your DNA, your current health condition, your hereditary traits, your biological workings, information on potential diseases you might contract and even your past lifestyle. Where is your privacy? Who is being given this information? Who might SELL this information? More importantly, who is BUYING it?


It is this kind of isolationistic attitude by the leaders of Malaysia and by the Malays that give them NO right to complain about racial segregation in this country. We send our kids off for months to some bullshit National Service, which has killed children, in order to learn UNITY?! Fuck that!

The government has 11 years to teach kids ‘Unity’ in schools, instead they segregate Malays and Non-Malays one hour of their lives everyday for Moral and Islam. The Malaysian Schools ARE the birthplace of Racism in Malaysia!

Racial segregation in this country folks, is institutionalised and self perpetuated!


Now, as for AIDS. Why bother? Why give a shit? Why give a fuck? There is absolutely nothing wrong with AIDS. AIDS or rather the virus, HIV, is completely natural. It came from the Earth and it is just another manifestation of Nature.

In fact, I strongly believe that Nature meant for HIV to be here to keep the human population in check. Think about the very design of the virus – it is simply beautiful! Here is a virus that preys on someone’s immune system; the very system that helps remove unwanted germs. Here comes HIV, to kill that very system, making you more prone to infections; reducing your life expectancy drastically.

And, look how it spreads. It does so sexually! So as soon as you contract AIDS, your lineage is fucked! Your descendants are screwed! And it comes with a certain psychological effect; when you know you have AIDS, you are least likely to procreate, thereby reducing the human species from thriving. This, my friends, is just another surprise Nature has in store for us. Be happy with it!

Living with AIDS

I say, having AIDS shouldn’t stop you from living. Say you meet someone with AIDS and you Love this person very much. This is someone who gives YOUR life purpose, someone who gives YOU meaning, this here is someone who makes YOU a better person; someone who YOU would be willing to die for.

So what then is the problem with contracting AIDS, living a beautiful life and dying knowing you lived for Love?

What else would you prefer to fuckin’ do? Live a completely barren life, married to blind subservient religious nut who believes that you actually have to pray before and after you fuck her? Is this really the life you people want? A life so depressing that you end up going through 2 packets of cigarettes every day before being diagnosed with lung cancer, kidney failure or brain tumour; resulting in a slow, long and painful death?…

…as you lay on a hospital bed covered in your own shit while a religious official recites some nonsense slogan about the afterlife; a place where he himself has no proof of:-

Your life, completely wasted away, by sterility, submission and putting up with the authority (or rather stupidity) of others!

Your Ignorance folks. Your Ignorance. That’s the real Virus you have to be concerned about.


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