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The Timeless Moment

People don’t understand Death. They fear it so much. In fact, our minds seem to be programmed to fear it.

Death takes on a whole new meaning if you’ve lead your life the way you wanted to lead it. When you’ve experienced love, joy and happiness – Death doesn’t seem like something we ought to fear. It seems like just another step of the process; an unforeseeable step.

Most people live under the illusion that there is an afterlife – a mirage created by the mind; a delusion that mitigates the fear of Death. People think that there is some heaven, some blissful existence or some new life. That is not true. When you die, you just disappear to yourself; death is eternal rest, an infinite dreamless sleep. You without life. You without You.

Cultivating this fact, Life now takes on a whole new meaning. We learn to live Life. To make everyday the best we can. To make everyone’s day the best we can. To feel privileged to be alive. To show others the beauty of being alive.

Death; merely a timeless moment in time – we know not when and we do not care. What is important is that, at this moment, here and now, we are Living it.


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