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‘Consciousness’ seems to have a very interesting task. It seems to want to understand itself by trying to study the Universe so that it can reflect on who it is, or rather, what it is. It is as if ‘Consciousness’ is giving everything around it a title, a definition or a meaning so that it can qualitatively understand why it is what it is, eventually answering one of the most profound questions of all time – What is the purpose FOR life? – But that may very well be it – for the Universe to manifest itself through subjective experience (Consciousness) so that it can experience and understand itself.

The nature of subatomic particles and matter and how they operate within the Universe, certainly the theory of evolution and how we went from Luca to Homo Sapiens, the very chemistry that makes up life – DNA – the double helical structure – the two spirals which have the exact same mathematical equation as the spirals of a sea shell, a flower and a galaxy. The Universe had to create us to understand itself; a solipsism of divine proportions!

This does reflect the very process of Life on Earth itself. As soon as a weak fawn is thrust into the world after 7 months of stasis (or a baby after 9 months), it begins to comprehend its surroundings, to give everything a set identifiable label, just so it can identify its place in the large scheme of things. The Universe seems to be doing the very same thing just that it employs itself through subjective experience (Consciousness) operating within us to learn about itself.

But with these answers come more questions:

Where does our knowledge go to?

Or does it remain stagnant with life forms here on Earth?

Is there some hidden connection that allows this knowledge to transfer from our current physical realm to a further dimension in the Universe where the real cosmic collective conscious Godhead resides?

If indeed such Godhead exists, why can’t it comprehend its own existence if it is all that ever was, is and will be?

Is it lifeless or in other words, the very anti thesis to ‘subjectivity’?

Does it lack the ability of conscious experience?

Does it transcend us?

Is it ‘Nothing’, to which we are the very anti thesis – ‘Something’?


Whatever the case may be, I think it can be agreed upon, thus far, that both the Universe and Consciousness (Life) seem to need each other.

*Art courtesy of Aimal Khattak.


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