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A Circle

A friend of mine recently told me that he had helped a doctor deliver a child. He was an intern at a hospital and it was his first experience. He found Life to be a miraculous process. He was driven by an idea he had read on the internet; the information superhighway. He was motivated by a thought stored on a server in the middle of America and uploaded there by a local priest he knew.

That carefree priest was contemplating ‘Life’ one night in a comfortable environment; a hot cup of cocoa, with a running fan and an air conditioner that gave out a chilly wind – a very comfortable environment – tremendously conducive to thinking. So the priest thought to himself, in that lovely environment, and reached the conclusion that ‘Life was Sacred’ – the very philosophy that he uploaded to cyberspace.

The running fan and the air conditioner in the priest’s room were powered by electricity, which came from the domestic electric power lines which were connected to the national grid. The national grid most certainly came from a power plant; a power plant manned by a number of tired men who had to control the machines and ensure that there were adequate supply of coal being shipped in to create electricity.

The day before, a jaded lorry driver drove along a highway and into the power plant compound carrying huge amounts of coal. The coals which the lorry driver shipped were mined by a weary group of men in a coal mine nearby.

The previous evening, one of the coal miners, covered in black dirt and grime wheeled a wheel barrow, filled with coal, from the tunnel to the surface. He had difficulties breathing all of a sudden. He began coughing up brownish red blood filled with sprinklings of black sediments. He collapsed immediately and was pronounced ‘Dead’ a few minutes later.


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