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Pendatang Keling





People, let’s get this straight.


The word ‘Keling’ is considered to be derogatory for Indians. The word was derived from a fundamental understanding by older traders that Indians came from the Kalinga Empire of India. There was no such thing as ‘India’ or ‘Indian’ back then so dark skinned men from the West were referred to as Kaling’ or ‘Keling’; derived from the name of the Empire that they are said to represent.

Now in the modern times, most people are unaware of the history behind the word and I’ve heard absurd explanations on its history. Truth is, ‘Keling’ is merely an out-of-date reference for Indians by unenlightened and ignorant Malaysians.

Should Indians feel hurt? Not at all! Why should Indians be hurt because of someone else’s ignorance? Indians should be humble and educate a moron who has used such a word, that an entire nation (India) has been established since the Kalinga Empire feudal days 2000 years ago. Why be dissuaded or let your emotions run amok because of a ‘word’?  

Words should never be penalised. There are NO racist words, only racist people. It is the racist you have to be bothered about, not the word. It is the purpose, the thought and the situation that Indians must be concerned about, not the word. The word is completely harmless. I don’t get offended when someone calls me a ‘Keling’ because I know it’s fuckin’ pointless and fuckin’ meaningless. Besides, I am a fuckin’ Keling! 2000 years ago, I would officially be known as a Keling! And I would have LOVED it!

Racists really wield power over you if they can use a word and get you to react. But just ignore it and dismiss it as a person’s ignorance and you’ll find yourself being liberated from the stereotype perpetuated on you.


Now, next word.



Only a nation bankrupt on Reason and Logic can be offended by such a word. What the fuck are these people getting offended by? Everyone on this fuckin’ planet is a Pendatang. Everyone is a goddamn Immigrant. What do you think White Americans are? They are English Immigrants!!!

The great Human Migration kicked off 60,000 years ago. Previously, the Modern Man lived in the heartland of Africa and 2 million years before that the development of speech for the Prehistoric Man took place. Think about that! 2 million years ago, we couldn’t even fuckin’ talk! And now we get offended over a word?! To come this far, to develop language and now we bitch about it?! These people are a real waste of space!

Why give a shit about the labels people put on you? Why stigmatise yourself? Why be offended by what is essentially ‘the truth’?

Be happy that you have food, shelter and clothing for today. Be happy that your ancestors were smart enough to move and find this place so that you can be alive today! Be fuckin’ grateful to be alive today!

Besides, I proudly call myself a Pendatang because:




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