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A Piece of Shit





I can never quite remember how I began my life. It was many lifetimes ago. Of what I can recollect, I remember coming out of a bovine’s ass a few days ago and falling to the ground very quickly and swiftly. I remember gazing at the clear blue sky above as the wind caressed me and took my scent across the fields.

 A big black beetle came along 2 nights later and began picking me apart. She rolled me into a ball and moved me to the edge of the field where she proceeded to lay her eggs into me. I waited patiently for a day in a dry and arid hole. I was beginning to dehydrate and dry up when I felt the young beetles hatching inside of me. They then began consuming me hastily from within and I was no more.

 I was now inside one of them; a brave young male beetle who tried moving as far as he could from where he was born. He went far indeed, tunneling through mini burrows and over gargantuan grassy leaves before he was crushed by the hoof of a running horse. I lay there partially drained under the sun before my remains and the carcass of the beetle was slurped up by a worm.

 The worm had a decent life living in an underground chasm for a few days. It eventually got weak and died under the roots of a plant. The plant grew and its roots began grabbing unto the decomposing worm and sucking what remained of his corpse. I moved from the belly of the worm to the fibers of the plant.

 It was a warm yet desolate moment in my life. Everything was bright, alien and seemed to resonate with a certain vibration. It was as if the plant was in constant interaction with all other plants; transferring independent thoughts that somehow seemed homogenous. A few days later, I saw a man walk up and grab the plant and then…. everything went blank.

 I was on a plate in a place where people dined. I remember this scene. I have been in a place like this before. It was called a Restaurant. Some man tucked into his Spinach and put it into his mouth and there I went into. Crushing blows knocked me around and I slid down into this gaping hole. I crashed into this dark and fowl place where this vile liquid was spewed all across me. It burnt! A few hours later I was sucked into one of his intestines and began getting compacted into a small brown cylindrical shape. I was discharged by the man later in the day in what seemed like a difficult effort for him. He groaned quite a bit as I was forced out into a pool of water.

 I moved steadily down an unlit tunnel with great speed and found my way into a great river where I was eaten by a small fish. The fish swam wildly and I had an opportunity to contemplate my fate – every lifetime becoming a little bit vaguer upon the next one. The fish eventually got sick after contracting an incurable disease caused by the immensely polluted river. He was eaten by a big bird as he lay dead by the side of the river.

 The bird flew over wide open moors and pastures. I have never felt so free before. Freedom was such a beautiful thing – to be everywhere while being nowhere. But it didn’t last long enough; I was removed unto a field in the middle of somewhere. I coated a seed which grew into a small plant and I resided for a brief while in its leaves.

 I witnessed the plant’s growth and it made me glad. I helped someone be alive. It was a memorable experience. ‘Aloneness’ and ‘innocence’ were the most profound experiences I’ve ever felt. Being one with all that was around me and yet being completely on my own to experience myself – what great joy!

 Two days later, the leaves I resided in were eaten by a cow that wandered into that part of the field. I landed on the ground a few days later and thought about my life – but I can never quite remember how I began my life. It was many lifetimes ago. Of what I can recollect, I remember coming out of a bovine’s ass a few days ago and falling to the ground…


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