Open All Night!!!


Why is sex never described in the female perspective?

You never hear this:

Place the vagina over and around the penis. Allow the penis to be moved or rather to be thrust back and forth into the vagina a number of times. You may begin to feel a slight tingling sensation around your vaginal walls and feel a sudden secretion take place. Do not fret! This is a natural occurrence; it takes place whenever your body is sexually aroused or your body anticipates sexual activity to take place. The secretion acts as a lubricant to mitigate the friction caused by the penis when it moves through your vagina; this is to ensure no harm or tear is caused to the vaginal walls. The lubrication also allows for the penis to move swiftly and smoothly through the vaginal canal without affecting your sexual partner’s performance.

You may begin to feel a sudden rush of blood to your head. Once again do not fret! This is perfectly normal. Your body is beginning to prepare itself for a highly physical activity and therefore you will notice your heart rate accelerate and an increase in lung action. As a result of this, you may find yourself breathing heavily; do not try to breathe normally, allow your impulses to dictate your breathing rhythm. An erection of nipples is to be foreseen.

You will, if your partner engages things in the right way, notice a charge begin to develop at the base of your stomach as it begins to work its way up your entire body before it ignites into a fiery explosion of euphoria and bliss that sees you lose all sense of control over your current physical state. You will, immediately after be pulled into a moment of static divinity where time will stand still and universal perfection would seem to have been achieved! As moments pass away, you are returned back slowly into your neutral state of existence where you might notice a severely wet bed. Once again, do not fret at all! This is completely expected. It is just your body’s way of saying – “Hey, that was orgasmic!”


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