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The News Today

A few weeks back I saw this caption running on the television screen, below the news anchor, on an international news network.

“4 marines killed in Afghan border”

I said to myself –

“What the fuck?! No wonder people are so desensitized. A media company has justified its ‘reporting’ of an event by a bunch of letters on a screen”.

That there is the problem with the media and people!

People never quite get to see the true horrors of war so they become passive, indifferent and blind as to what a war is.

‘Decency’, ‘Morality’ and ‘Taste’ – Categories invented by warmongers aka policymakers to manufacture consent, program choices and lull the senses. In order to achieve this, they go on to create ‘Broadcasting Regulations’, ‘Censorship Boards’ and ‘Television Ratings’ to carry out the task of controlling the information you receive, effectively reducing your ability to express anything that can be considered – ‘your own thoughts’.

I want my news to be completely unfiltered and to be made completely public; dedicated to the people of the world regardless of whether they’re 50 years old or 5 years old.

I want to see:

A gargantuan explosion that starts in the middle the desert engulfing in flames everything within a radius of 1 kilometre. 9 seconds later I want to see a guy limping out of this huge blazing inferno with half of his body set on fire, his left foot missing, his left arm gripping unto his last remaining testicle and his right hand holding his severed left hand. As he is limping away, he starts having uncontrollable diarrhoea which ends up putting some of the fire on him off. He finally begins to piss on himself in the hopes that he gets to put off the remaining fire.

The camera cues away and immediately thereafter an advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest BBQ chicken wings with Arabian spices comes on!

I want to see:

An intense battle between the Taliban and the American forces to which the Taliban suddenly find themselves out of ammunition. They decide to put an American POW into a cannon and shoot him straight at the rotor of a US Apache helicopter circling ahead of them. The body hits the rotor and the chopper comes crashing to the ground while minced pieces of the soldier’s body gets blown by the wind and falls on the rooftops of 200 hungry and starving Afghan family nearby. The offering from the sky allows them to have a feast and stay nourished as well as alive for another 23 days:-

Part of the great cycle of life and death!

I want to see:

A sniper placed in the North, getting his brains blown out by a sniper in the East. 10 seconds later, the sniper in the East gets his head shot by a sniper in the South. 4 Seconds later the sniper in the South notices a sniper in the West as both fire at each other at the same time and both had a perfect shot. The caption in the news reads:

“4 US snipers shot each other after they had mistook themselves for Iraqi insurgents”

I bet you, if this is the kind of stuff they showed on the news, with good angles and repeat coverage – The war will be over in no time!

And you have to make sure kids see it as well. You CAN’T have any of that “disturbing images”, “parental guidance” or “viewer discretion” bullshit. Kids have got to have a good knowledge on ‘What they are signing up for?’ when they join the military and what “Freedom” looks like for others halfway across the world!

It is times like this that I often ask myself – What would Jesus bomb?


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