Open All Night!!!


Why don’t we call our dog a ‘Son of a Bitch’?
Why don’t we just call a ‘Son of a Bitch’ a ‘Dog’?

When calling a slave, people once said – ‘You Dog’
When calling each other, people now say – ‘Yo Dawg’

The Americans eat ‘Hot Dogs’
The Koreans eat ‘Dogs’

The Christians love their Dogma
The Muslims have issues with Dogs

Dogfights on land are generally unacceptable
Dogfights in the sky are generally acceptable

When dogs are pests you call a Dogcatcher
When dogs are pets you call a Dog Trainer

Tom Waits had Rain Dogs
Chris Cornell had Temple of the Dog

Goofy is a dog that can talk
Pluto is a dog that can’t

The Westminster Dog Show gets you fame
The Walthamstow Dog Race gets you money

Guard dogs repel criminals
Sniffer dogs catch criminals

Some folks like to groom and style their dogs
Some folks like doggy style
Paris Hilton likes both!

Sigh, it’s a dog eat dog world indeed!


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