Open All Night!!!

The Reality

Everything is collapsing.

In truth nobody owns Land, the stars, the moon or the sun, Nature owns itself. This land was bought and sold between the British and the Royals more than 200 years ago. Politicians have been playing with people’s irrational fears. Religion has convinced people to forgo a life that can be a Heaven for a heaven in the afterlife. Nationalism has given people a false sense of identity and which can be wielded to justify wars, genocides and racism.

The Corporate world controls everything. The politicians have a vested interest in the business of the corporate world. Regulations are made in accordance with the business interest of the politicians. The education system was rigged to make you blind, subservient and unquestioning. History is propaganda. Your teachers are misguided. Political parties control the media, thus what you hear and see is controlled. You are told how to think, what to think, what to believe in, what is moral and what is not, who to trust, who to vote for and who to listen to. Your thoughts are manufactured for you.

We clear cut forests, pump waste to the rivers and send noxious fumes to the sky. The planet reacts to our actions by increasing flash floods, landslides, haze, forest fires and acid rain – as we wonder why we have so many global catastrophes. We think the planet needs to be saved when in truths it’s us, Man, that is disappearing!

We create more technology to solve the damage caused by technology. We go on changing external structures and remain stagnant in our internally unchanged ways. We believe in differentiating ourselves into race, ethnicities and religion. We have no respect for the indigenous people. We think we have a right to have our feelings protected. We are a selfish, greedy and ignorant society and we wonder why we have selfish, greedy and ignorant leaders.

We think voting makes a difference. We believe our forefathers solved the problems of the world. We believe our children are going to solve the problems of the world. ‘Human Rights’ is a lie; Man is a highly complex animal, we have no rights. The flag is just a symbol. The national anthem is just a song. We clear land to manufacture unhealthy food. Unhealthy food causes a decline in our health. The insurance industry raises the price of health premiums. The insurance industry uses their new found wealth to make investments. The Investors clear more land to manufacture more unhealthy food.

World economies will continue to collapse. Race relations will continue to disintegrate. Crimes will increase. Water Supply will decrease. Electricity will be rationed or ceased. Inflation will be at an all time high. Unemployment will reach record levels. The suicide rate will increase 10 fold. Your money is worth nothing, your property can be taken away and your life can be extinguished anytime!

Hope is an illusion! Change is a fiction!


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