Open All Night!!!

Tomorrow Never Knows

Tomorrow folks! Tomorrow! Every problem in this world can be solved tomorrow!
The naked man, the homeless man and the hungry – all can be helped if world governments decided to stop sponsoring earth destroying corporatism and invest all that money in creating a thriving population of clothed, sheltered and well fed men!

We can then all write music, recite poetry, paint pictures, sculpt articles and dance ourselves into the hearts of others; opening communication and allowing compassion to direct our lives. We will share knowledge; heal others with our ‘patented drugs’, free people with our ‘trade secret technology’ and be happy to share ourselves with our ‘copyrighted property’.

If only….if only people would lift the veil that blurs their consciousness. If only people would see the beauty in them! If only people could see the beauty in others! Choice….choices….choices… there are only TWO choices! The path that we are in today AND the path that we can be in tomorrow!


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