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The Mystery of Morality

The mystery of Morality: ‘Morality’ was a concept that was devised by a group of people who wanted to keep the human species alive. So they created ‘Moral Values’ that they believed would keep the species thriving and all ‘Immoral Acts’ would cause the species to dwindle. This is why homosexuality, incest and adultery seem immoral to Religion; because they stop the species from continuing (two men fucking are never gonna get you a child), to get deformed (we know you sometimes get retards when cousins fuck cousins or when fathers rape daughters – harmful recessive genes continue to remain in the gene-pool) or from being abandoned (when a man divorces his wife due to adultery, it’s usually the kids that have their childhood and livelihood fucked!). Furthermore, the more the species grows, the more children there are, the faster the religion spreads!

So Religion causes actions to be labelled as either ‘Moral’ or ‘Immoral’ and because every person seems to think Religion is correct, so I guess it’s all fine right?


These early religious losers were cowards and lived in fear! We, HUMAN BEINGS, are part of nature! We are supposed to be carefree and wild like nature! We are supposed to let disease and death take its toll on us. We must be prone to suffering and unpredictability. We must succumb to our own sickness and deviancy and learn to deal with them or else remove ourselves from this planet.

‘Pain’ is what makes us real and it places us on a step above the animal world. We understand, realise and have greater awareness of life after we go through pain. Because Morality is structured to keep the species alive, we’ve all spiralled out of control in terms of population and have gone on to instil in ourselves this greedy need to consume and consume and consume and consume and consume. We eat food which we kill from the land that we deforest with the trucks that were fuelled with oil from the earth that we drilled.

And we, the sick beasts that are HUMAN BEINGS; the MORAL beings, now go on to pollute ourselves with our waste in the skies, land and seas effectively committing suicide! But committing suicide would also be IMMORAL because it’s stopping the species from spreading.



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